Naming Ceremony


A naming ceremony can be celebrated by anyone at any age and there are so many wonderful reasons to celebrate with one. Your name is so important- it gives you a sense of identity, belonging and love.

It’s an amazing way to wish your little one all the best in their life, share your dreams and aspirations for their future and most importantly celebrate the joy, love & light that they bring to your life!

If your child is a bit older, why not ask them would like to choose a poem, or maybe their favourite song. Involving siblings as well, is a lovely way to personalise the ceremony, and it makes the day very special for the siblings too!

I’m an expert in creating celebrations that people love. I can help you by   creating a personalised  & meaningful ceremony, and also suggest some ideas maybe you might not have considered.

Parents sometimes like to choose guideparents/mentors/family members offer support and guidance to their little rascals as they move through their lives.

The possibilities are endless, and you are only limited by your imagination!!