Marriage Ceremony

Like every aspect of your wedding, you need the celebrant who’s right for you. Weddings should be fun and easy – not stressful and demanding!

The right celebrant crafts a unique and heart felt ceremony that has your guests saying WOW! And that’s the way it should be – no compromises lovebirds!

Vow Renewal Ceremony

“Loved you then, love you still, always have, always will”

Why not celebrate the memories you have made & shared together?

There are so many reasons to celebrate your love & renew both your vows and commitment to each other.

Naming Ceremony

You are smitten kittens!! Your cuddly, adorable bundle of joy has arrived and you want the whole world to know it!

Or maybe you’d like to welcome your amazing & beautiful new step-children/adopted children into the family – or maybe it’s an adult name change.